10 Freaking Awesome Conjoined Twins Tattoos

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Conjoined or siamese twins are cool and unusual tattoo ideas for siblings or friends who are inseparable in many ways. It's not just the physical aspect that's connected---heart and soul too. And so this makes for an awesome sibling and friendship tattoo. Enjoy and check out these 10 freaking awesome Conjoined twins tattoos for you alone or to share with a loved one who's close to you. ;-)

Conjoined twins are born physically connected to each other. They develop in utero when the embryo partially separates to form two individuals. Sometimes they share one or more internal organs but can be surgically separated from one another depending on their physical & internal condition.

No one better to love, hate and understand you like a sibling.

Conjoined twins tattoos
Conjoined twins tattoos

Tattoo Artist: Barbara Munster

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Tattoo Artist: Pari Corbitt

Talk about closeness. <3

Tattoo Artist: Mark Lonsdale

During the early days, some conjoined twins work in circus freak shows along with heavily tattooed personalities for a living.

Tattoo Artist: Gustavo Viani

Tattoo done at Saints & Sinners Tattoo.

Connected til Death. <3



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