10 Sharp & Handsome Dapper Skeleton & Skull Tattoos

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Someone Dapper (typically a man) is someone who's neat & trim by appearance, someone who's smart, stylish and hella sexy.

Tattoo Artist: Philip Yarnell

Tattoo Artist: Ien Levin

Tattoo Artist: Remis

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Dapper skeleton by Alex Gotza
Dapper skeleton by Alex Gotza

Tattoo Artist: Alex Gotza

Tattoo Artist: Matthew Houston

Dapper skull by Christian Otto
Dapper skull by Christian Otto

Tattoo Artist: Christian Otto

Tattoo Artist: Phatt German

However, it's not just the physical looks that count, what completes it is the man's overall mindset, talents and skills. Well ladies, do dapper gentlemen turn you on? Or do you prefer the other types?

This front piece is a work in progress but it's looking good!

Dapper skeleton smoking
Dapper skeleton smoking

Stay classy, gentlemen!



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