10 Steve Buscemi Tattoos

Some people like inking Steve's face on them.
Either they are big fans of him or whatever the reason is, still pretty funny. He really is a very talented actor and has quite a memorable face, but I don't know if I would have him on my skin...
Starting up with a real cool black and grey, by pepper tattoos
A weird smirk, by @toutcourttattoos
Quite a stare from these blue eyes, by Bryan Merck
This makes me kind of dizzy, double Steve by Devan Smith
Getting a touch o line and dot work here, by Life Ink Tattoo
This coloured one by Matthew Davidson
Yep, it's a Buscemi/Darth Vader mashup, artist unknown
Here as Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire, by Paul Acker
Nice sideburns, by Shane O'Neill
A bit of Cubism as Nucky Thompson again, by Peter Aurisch