10 Steve Buscemi Tattoos

10 Steve Buscemi Tattoos

Some people like inking Steve's face on them.
Either they are big fans of him or whatever the reason is, still pretty funny. He really is a very talented actor and has quite a memorable face, but I don't know if I would have him on my skin...
Starting up with a real cool black and grey, by pepper tattoos
A weird smirk, by @toutcourttattoos
Quite a stare from these blue eyes, by Bryan Merck
This makes me kind of dizzy, double Steve by Devan Smith
Getting a touch o line and dot work here, by Life Ink Tattoo
This coloured one by Matthew Davidson
Yep, it's a Buscemi/Darth Vader mashup, artist unknown
Here as Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire, by Paul Acker
Nice sideburns, by Shane O'Neill
A bit of Cubism as Nucky Thompson again, by Peter Aurisch
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