11 Dapper Leonardo Dicaprio Tattoos

11 Dapper Leonardo Dicaprio Tattoos

Yep, Leonardo DiCaprio tattoos are a thing and they're surprisingly charming, ranging from an innocent young star to the man we know today.
When he's not making awesome movies he's fighting for the environmental cause and trying to save the planet. The star of Gangs of New York, The Aviator, Titanic, and The Wolf Of Wall Street to name but a few, Leonardo DiCaprio is undoubtedly one of the finest actors of his generation...even if the Academy Awards are yet to recognize this! DiCaprio is a guy you can't help but love, on screen and off he's just an awesome guy. We've seen him grow from the young Jack Dawson to the bold Jordan Belfort and eagerly await his next performance. Did we also mention he looks rather dapper in ink...
These DiCaprio tattoos will have you all nostalgic for some old school DiCaprio performances, and perhaps wanting a Leo tattoo of your own!! They will also have you wondering what the man himself would think of being immortalized in a tattoo, though I think we all know how he would feel;
Getting a tattoo of your favorite actor is always a unique choice of ink, but totally awesome! So be inspired by these 11 Dapper Leonardo DiCaprio tattoos!!
Leonardo DiCaprio Django Tattoo by Paul Acker
Creative Tattoo by Anrijs Straume
Carlos Rojas Did This Great Wolf of Wall Street Piece!!
Leonardo DiCaprio great gatsby Tattoo by Josh Sara
A Young DiCaprio by Suzanna Fisher
Colorful Work by Roly Viruez
artist unknown
Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic Tattoo by Megan Massacre
Beautiful Tattoo by Samael Cahill
Great Young DiCaprio Tattoo by Lisa Orth
Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoos, artist unknown
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