11 Powerful Paul Booth Black and Grey Tattoos

11 Powerful Paul Booth Black and Grey Tattoos

These Paul Booth surrealism tattoos are dark and creepy. A lot of tattooers today definitely look up to this awesome tattoo artist

If you've been in the tattoo scene for quite some time now, there is no need for an introduction to this blog post. But to those who have no idea, and just somehow managed to click their way to this blog post, you, ladies and gentlemen, are blessed to encounter and see these Paul Booth tattoos.

He owns and tattoos in his shop, Last Rites NYC. He is considered to be one of the guys on top of his game when it comes to dark black and gray surrealism imagery.

These are just a few of the many jaw-dropping dark imagery tattoos Paul Booth has put out through his long career in tattooing. A lot of black and gray specialists in the industry have huge respect for Paul Booth.

Brutal front piece tattoo by Paul Booth
Cool idea for hand tattoos
The Leafman, popularized by Paul Booth especially in the 90's
Brutal huge front piece to half sleeve by Paul Booth
Amazing shading depth on this creepy ass portrait
Amazing Leafman leg tattoo by Paul Booth
Huge stomach tattoo that definitely hurt real bad, haha!
Really awesome bull tattoo by Paul Booth
Brutal neck to jaw tattoo by Paul Booth
Beautiful dark image half-sleeve by Paul Booth

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