12 Artistic Church And Cathedral Tattoos

12 Artistic Church And Cathedral Tattoos

Churches and Cathedrals are the principle worship buildings of Christianity.
The larger of the two Cathedrals are often more ornate and grand as they hold the seat of the bishop and act as the center of the church in that area. For many of us the image that comes to mind when we think of a Church or Cathedral is a large and impressive building often with a gothic style and look, some of the more famous Cathedrals like this are the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia in Barcelona and the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Which such impressive appearances it is no surprise that Churches and Cathedrals inspire some amazing tattoos!
Cathedral tattoos take a lot of inspiration from the more iconic Cathedrals across the world where as Church tattoos are simpler and more refined. Frequently done in a black and grey realistic style Church and Cathedral tattoos are a symbolic religious tattoo but also a great architecture inspired design. Religious or not you can still appreciate the beauty that are these 12 artistic Church and Cathedral tattoos!!
Cathedral Tattoo by Mikaël de Poissy
Maxime Buchi Tattooed This Beautiful Piece!
Epic Work by Samuel Potucek
Awesome Tattoo by Victor J. Webster
Cathedral Tattoos, artist unknown
Colorful Church by Jackie Rabbit
Blackwork by Philip Yarnell
Amazing Tattoo by Steve Butcher
Church Tattoo by Jesse Rix
Another Great Tattoo by Samuel Potucek
Church Women Tattoo by Slawit Ink
Black cathedral tattoo
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