12 Awesome Hammer Tattoos

12 Awesome Hammer Tattoos

The hammer is used as one of the most common tool tattoos that you might see on the skin.
The hammer is commonly used to symbolize hard work, it represents the working class and sometimes people think of it as a memorial tattoo of someone special who is remembered as a hard worker.
Cool Traditional Hammer with Anvil
Traditional Hammer inspired by Thor's Hammer
New School Hammer with Rose Tattoo by Jeremy Miller
A really cool Hammer filler tattoo
Brutal but awesome Dentist's Hammer with teeth tattoo
Hammerhead Foot tattoo, a really solid approach to the traditional style
A large Hammer tattoo with roses and a banner on a thigh
A really awesome hammer tattoo with a snail crawling on it!
Beautiful traditional hammer tattoo tribute with roses. Such a classic look.
Solid traditional hammer tattoo with a saw and blossom.
Neo-traditional broken hammer tattoo, awesome mix of different styles.
A simple but solid hammer x saw tattoo.
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