12 Awesome Wolverine Tattoos That Aren't Hugh Jackman

These Wolverine tattoos are just as awesome as the character himself. I bet you know your Wolverine 101 but to those who don't have a clue..
He's the guy in X-MEN who heals fast, lives long and has 3 claws on each hand. LOL!BTW: These aren't Hugh Jackman portraits!
Logan aka Wolverine with his best buddy Scott Summers aka Cyclops. You know I'm fucking kidding, right?
Awesome composition on this tattoo.
Lego Wolverine. Hey, I think that's cool.
Neat Lego Wolverine tattoo
Tattoo by Bili Vegas
Wolverine x Hulk Tattoo
Cool comic book style illustration tattoo
Awesome Marvel sleeve
Solid coloring
Brutal looking black and gray Wolverine tattoo
Says it all.
Peace out!