12 Bold Traditional Reaper Tattoos

12 Bold Traditional Reaper Tattoos

Grim Reaper tattoos are also common when it comes to representing death or mortality in tattoos.
It's one of those tattoos you're parents hope you won't get, hahaha! Bottom line tough, REAPERS ARE AWESOME. Here are some traditional reaper tattoos that are solid as life and as bold as death:
Solid reaper tattoo holding an hourglass
Original bright and bold looking reaper tattoo
Beautiful little grim reaper filler tattoo
All men must die.
Tattoo by Paul Nycz
Powerful front piece of a reaper on a horse, man that must've hurt!
Simple yet solid reaper tattoo, nice use of colors too!
Solid reaper sleeve tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Can't beat it. Fun little reaper boxer traditional tattoo.
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