13 Captain Jack Sparrow Tattoos

13 Captain Jack Sparrow Tattoos

These Captain Jack Sparrow Tattoos are some of the best we've found on the web.
The witty Jack Sparrow, Captain of the Black Pearl, played by Actor Johnny Depp has become a popular tattoo subject matter since the first film, Curse of the Black Pearl, opened in theaters back in 2003.
johnny depp as captain jack sparrow tattoo
Tattoo by Nick Morte
Tattoo by Andrea Sabino
Beautiful Black and Gray with detail photo
More on the painterly approach
Awesome lighting effect
Very smooth photo realistic tattoo portrait of Captain Jack Sparrow
This one almost seems to breathe at you!
Tattoo by Jaime Tud
Jack Sparrow portrait with battle ship scene
Tattoo by Taguet Michael
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