13 Really Cool Lady Bug Tattoos

13 Really Cool Lady Bug Tattoos

These really cool lady bug tattoos are some of the best I've seen on the web. In symbolism, lady bug is said to bring luck and abundance.
Others simply get it tattooed because of its beautiful red and black color. Well, I've got not much to say about lady bugs, but these lady bug tattoos are really worth sharing:
ladybug tattoo
ladybug tattoo
ladybug on flower tattoo
Realistic one with a shadow that looks like it's crawling up!
Cute little lady bug tattoo on shoulder
Painterly style lady bug tattoo
Awesome traditional style ladybug skull tattoo
Photo realistic lady bug tattoo
Lady bug on leaves
You can't see it right away, but that lady bug made this sakura tattoo more interesting.
Top foot lady bug tatt,, that must've hurt!
Realistic lady bug tattoo
Lady bug on a detail photo of a larger tattoo
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