14 Solemn Virgin Mary Tattoos (That Are Not Michelangelo's Pieta)

These 14 Virgin Mary Tattoos are awesome portraits of Mama Mary.
A symbol of love and compassion, the Virgin Mary always has been a very popular tattoo subject. Its classic look is such a beautiful balance to something as powerful as a tattoo. One of the most popular Christian tattoos aside from Jesus and Cross tattoos.
Beautiful black and gray work in progress by Nikko Hurtado
Beautiful black and gray work in progress by Nikko Hurtado
Tattoo by Jesse Rix
Magnificient depth of shading and details.
Beautiful Virgin Mary with Rose done by Tim Hendricks
Black and gray Mary
2 different filters in the same tattoo
Beautifully solemn Mama Mary tattoo
Cool hand tattoo of the Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary on custom sleeve tattoo
Neo traditional black and gray Virgin Mary Tattoo
Virgin Mary the Immaculate
Mama Mary Sleeve
Solemn Mary Hand Tattoo
Beautiful combination of a black and gray tattoo of The Virgin Mary with colored yellow roses.