15 Attack On Titan Tattoos Even Mikasa Will Be Envious Of

Defend the city walls with these Attack on Titan tattoos!
Since the animé adaptation of Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin) aired in 2013, new fans and manga fans alike just couldn't get enough of this intense apocalyptic series. In a short period of time, it managed to skyrocket among animé big leagues like One Piece, Death Note, and Fairy Tail. With the live-action film fresh on the big screen this year, let's join in the dystopian hype with these Attack on Titan tattoos!
Pledge allegiance!
That plot twist when you found out what Levi Ackerman was.
A beautiful piece featuring Mikasa Ackerman, the girl who single-handedly slain several Titans.
Epic AOT back piece!
Attack on Titan never really ran out of intense scenes.
Mikasa Ackerman in the flesh!

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