15 Bonnie And Clyde Tattoos For Badass Couples

15 Bonnie And Clyde Tattoos For Badass Couples

Famous criminals and killers are rad material for tattoos. But when there are the love and sex ingredients, it's even more fascinating.
Bonnie and Clyde tattoos are a perfect way to express the saying "live fast, die pretty". The most famous and mythic couple of criminal history is often used as a comparison for modern couples, especially in rap culture. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were an illegitimate couple of bank-robbers and criminals, hunted by the FBI. Pictures of them and a poem by Bonnie have impressed the world with their sense of drama and lethal glamour. The classic movie adaptation of their life, with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beaty is also inspiring ink. Bonnie and Clyde tattoos don't only say "till death", they're claiming a huge dose of badassery, blood, money and scandal on the way of a tragic end. An armed and dangerous version of Romeo and Juliet... Is your couple this extreme? Who's your tattooed partner in crime? Get some vintage crime's inspiration with these badass Bonnie and Clyde tattoos...
Tattooed Bonnie and Clyde by Alex Dörfler.
Matching tattoos... Please credit the artist.
Bonnie And Clyde matching tattoos
Legendary criminals themed backpiece with the famous couple and Al Capone.
Another backpiece.
Artistic version by Cheo Park.
Inspired by a photo of the lovers, tattooed by Den Yakovlev.
Stylish piece by Drayton Fraley.
Till doom... By Fergus Simms.
Fun Bonnie and Clyde mice by Kelly Doty!
Vintage car by Luciano Galdino.
Cool tattoos by Matt Houston!
Bonnie by Matt Jordan, working on a sleeve.
A full sleeve by Nikolas...
Portraits by Sam Stokes.
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