15 Chirpy Robin Tattoos

15 Chirpy Robin Tattoos

Robins are a very common and well known bird.
The robin most people are familiar with is the European robin with its orange breast, grey face, brown upperparts and a whitish belly. It is found largely throughout Europe but also in Western Siberia and North Africa. The term robin however is also used for other similar birds with orange and red breasts, these include the American Robin and the Australian red robins.
Robins are a prominent feature of British folklore and since the 1960s has been seen as the unofficial bird of the UK. Though perhaps the biggest symbolism of robins is that of Christmas. Since the mid 19th century robins have been prominently featured on Christmas cards and have become an image of the festive period. In reality robins are present throughout the year and not specifically winter. Robin tattoos are a great little bird tattoo that offers an alternative to the usual swallows, sparrows, hummingbirds and eagles. A subtle but colorful tattoo robin tattoos are a bird tattoo that deserves more appreciation and these 15 chirpy robin tattoos will show you why!
Gorgeous Framed Robin Tattoo by Phatt German
Detailed Work by Andy Bowler
Robin Tattoo by Bradley Stevens
Awesome Tattoo by Charlotte Timmons
Bold Robin Tattoo by Daniel Gensch
Great Robin Tattoo by Francesco Garbuggino
New School Robin Tattoo by Guen Douglas
Cute Piece by Jack Goks Pearce
Robin Tattoo by Natalie Petal Gardiner
Vibrant Tattooing by Neil Dransfield
American Robin by Nick Luit
Amazing Tattoo by Phatt German
Beautiful Robin Tattoo by Rizza Boo
Robin bird tattoo
Robin Tattoos, Watercolor
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