15 Cosy And Cute Birdhouse Tattoos

15 Cosy And Cute Birdhouse Tattoos

Bird lovers will adore these cosy and cute birdhouse tattoos. Looks so sweet and cosy!
Indeed, birdhouse tattoos will be coveted by bird lovers. These charming little houses are always fancy and they shelter the adorable babies and their parents. But they are also a symbol of our attachment to home. Migratory birds are travelling around the world in winter, but they always come home. And if you have taken the time to make them cosy birdhouses, they will come back and live inside of them. We, like birds, are showing our emotional binds with family house, birthplace or any place we call home. Because we need to remember that home is where the heart is... So, if you enjoy heart-warming ink, you could fall for these birdhouse tattoos that say home sweet home...
Lovely tattoo by Aivaras Ly.
Too big for its house, by Aniela.
Amazing chestpiece made at Black Garden Tattoo...
Creative concept by Brian Thomas Wilson.
Beautiful gypsy by Gary Gerhardt.
Surrealistic idea by Hector Cedillo.
Poetic blackwork by Ilya Brezinski.
Who is inside??? By Jamie Luna.
Cute piece by Jody Dawber.
Superb tattoo by Kelly Violet!
Colorful piece by Linnea.
Joyful creation by Lucy Lulu.
Home sweet home by Lydia Hazelton.
Freedom tattoo by Tim Hendricks.
Creative piece by Tyler Allen Kolvenbach. birdhouse tattoos
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