15 Designs With Precious Pearl Tattoos

15 Designs With Precious Pearl Tattoos

Everything is more luxurious with pearl tattoos, isn't it? Strings of these shiny jewel of nature are indeed often completing fancy designs.
They are especially coveted to give a precious look to rose tattoos. But their gracious look can also give an elegant touch to neo-traditional tattoos, portraits or hands, and pearls can also look good as a frame for pretty design. You can mimic real jewels around your neck, hands, wrist and ankle. You will never go wrong with refined pearl tattoos! Pick the right artist and a cool design, then just go for it! And if you still need some inspiration, here are some superb designs that characterize pearl tattoos perfectly...
Adding a luxurious touch to a red rose, by Antony Flemming.
A skull is suddenly more elegant with pearls, by David Boggins.
For the jewels lovers, by Drew Susi.
Adding some shine, by Graham Thorne.
Just one, because it's as rare as you. By Kid Kros.
Sweet tattoo by Leanne Fate.
Fancy foot tattoo by Lucas Franco.
Please credit.
When there are roses, there is the work of Phil Garcia.
Cool piece by Russ Abbott.
That's an elegant cat and hand tattoo by Ryan Ashley Malarkey...
Champagne by Timmy B. pearl tattoos
Darkness and light by Tyler Allen Kolvenbach.
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