15 Dignified Lynx Tattoos

Lynxes are a medium-sized wild cat, although the name lynx actually refers to four separate species within the Lynx genus.
These are the Eurasian Lynx, Canada Lynx, Iberian Lynx and Bobcat. Each species differs from the other but they are all of the lynx family. In the Republic of Macedonia lynx is considered as a national animal and is featured on the reverse of the 5 denar coin. Aside from looking good on coins, lynxes also look pretty sweet in ink!
Lynx tattoos follow the trend of the other big cat tattoos and often depict just the head of the animal. A creative and underused alternative to tigers, panthers and leopards, lynx tattoos offer a more unique wild cat tattoo. Similar to its bigger and more popular counterparts, lynx tattoos are commonly done in an old school traditional style with bold lines and bright colors, though they can be done equally as well in a more realistic style. With bright eyes and sharp teeth lynxes are fierce little animals and should not be underestimated. These 15 lynx tattoos go some way into capturing the essence of this beautiful wild cat!