15 Fancy Cockatiel And Cockatoo Tattoos

15 Fancy Cockatiel And Cockatoo Tattoos

Cockatoo tattoos can take inspiration from any of the 21 cockatoo species. A bright and colorful alternative to the usual bird tattoos.
Birds make for some fancy tattoos, and you can't get much fancier than the cockatoo. Technically speaking a cockatoo is a parrot that is anyone of the 21 species belonging to the Cacatuidae bird family. Most cockatoos are on average larger than other parrots, that is except for the Cockatiel which is the smallest of the cockatoo species. Cockatiels are commonly kept as pets and are recognized by their small size, yellow heads and grey bodies. The other well known cockatoos include Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, the pink and grey Galah and the largely grey Gang-Gang Cockatoo.
Cockatoo inspired ink offers something different and are arguably more unique. Cockatoo tattoos are a fancy little tattoo that makes for a fun piece of animal body art and here's 15 of them to show you why!!
Blackwork Cockatoo Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
unknown artist
Bold Piece by Ben Rorke
Tattoo by Bjorn Liebner
Stylish Cockatiel Tattoo by Charlotte Timmons
Bright Cockatoo Tattoo by Dusty Neal
Solid Tattoo by Jessica Mach
Awesome Piece by Karolina Bebop
Cockatoo Tattoo by Kate Mackay Gill
Brilliant Tattoo by Kristin Schubert
Amazing Tattoo by Lars Uwe
Great Cockatoo tattoo, artist unknown
Great Tattoo by Matt Adamson
Cockatoo Tattoo by Richard F. Smith
unknown artist
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