15 Genius Brain Tattoos

15 Genius Brain Tattoos

Anatomic tattoos are very popular. But if you are going to get organs inked, you should aim for the supreme one: the brain.
Intelligence, emotions, decisions, everything is located inside this organ, while the heart is pumping heart. But the two are often opposed and associated to tell about the differences between sense and sensibility. But the brain is still a mystery, even for scientists. And, if we believe fiction, it is the food of the zombies... That's why brain tattoos are so nice, they can relate to many cool concepts, from science to pop culture... And using their brains, tattoo artists are making awesome and creative designs... Are you ready to be an inked brainiac? Then explore our selection of crazy brain tattoos...
New school jar by Andy Robinson.
Clever man by Barbara Kiczek.
Brain or heart? By Bicem Sinik.
Sacred geometry and anatomical engraving by Daniel Meyer.
Brainiac tattoo by Drew Shallis.
Intelligence of the heart by Gabriele Pais.
Brain storming piece by Henbohenning.
Creative piece by Jay Freestyle.
Mad experience by Jeff Ensminger.
Cool vintage looking tattoo by Jessica Oram Brockman.
Artsy split tattoo by Kaiyu Huang...
Anatomical piece by Kamil Czapiga.
Bold scalp tattoo by Nick Baxter.
Graphic tattoo by Peter Aurisch.
Interesting piece by Xoil!
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