15 Gentlemanly Top Hat Tattoos

15 Gentlemanly Top Hat Tattoos

A tall, flat-crowned, broad-brimmed hat, the top hat was predominantly worn by males from the late 18th century through until the mid 20th.
After the second world war the top hat was no longer the norm of everyday wear. However the top hat still has a place at special events like specific ceremonies and for when you just feel just like being damn fancy!! Frequently associated with the upper class top hats have become a symbol of wealth and power, they have also taken on connotations to do with magic, fantasy and freemasonry.
Top hat tattoos don't usually feature just a top hat but can be a portrait, skull or animal that is wearing a top hat. Giving a tattoo that gentlemanly edge and upper class swagger a top hat can turn your skull design from a symbol of death to a symbol of high fashion and respectability. Would you consider adding a top hat tattoo to your ink? If yes then these 15 top hat tattoos will offer some great inspiration.
Bear Top Hat Tattoo by Jankowzki Tattoo
Dashing Dog by Dean Kalcoff
Fox Top Hat Tattoo by Eilo Martin
Skull Top Hat Tattoo by Pete Skidmore
Sugar Skull Top Hat Tattoo by Deluxe Tattoo Co
Nice Gentleman Piece by Hexa Salmela
Magicians Hat by Dan Santoro
Tophat skull tattoo
Awesome Tattoo by Christina James
Top Hat Tattoos
Top Hat Skull Tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Magician Themed Tattoo by Mikey Holmes
Tophat tattoo
Top Hat Tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Top Hat Skull Tattoo by Vincent Brun
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