15 Gorillaz Tattoos That Will Give You The Feel Good Inc. Vibes

15 Gorillaz Tattoos That Will Give You The Feel Good Inc. Vibes

Get the electro party started with these rad Gorillaz tattoos!
These guys have been around since '98, well-loved by the music scene for their eccentric trip hop music and their funky stage persona. Famous for their blend of chill-out alternative sound and their awesome fictional band members, the brainchild of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett became icons of alternative music in the past decade.

Throughout the years of adventures, we followed the animated quartet as they wreaked havoc in Plastic Beach, letting their infectious mellow sound make its way into our systems. And with catchy tunes and lovable characters like Noodle, the Gorillaz will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Check out this kawaii Noodle hand jammer!
by reneestattoos/Instagram
by Michael Manfredi
The well-loved frontman immortalised on a Gorillaz fan's arm.
by Matias Mäkipää
by AttackReanimate/Deviant Art
by Felipe Videira
Damon Albarn, our favourite creep.
2D tattoo by resulodabas
2D by_black_3g_raven
Noodle tattoo by black-3G-raven
Gotta love Noodle!
Gorillaz Sleeve/via Dan Gold
Now, that's dedication!
by Matte Lap
by woxtattoo
by bartypants
by Sagie
by black-3G-raven/Deviant Art
This is the finished Gorillaz sleeve by Deviant Art user black-3G-raven. It's probably the best Gorillaz piece we've seen so far. Does this make you want to get your own Gorillaz tattoo as well? You know where to get your design.
What's your favourite Gorillaz jam?
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