15 Graceful Ballerina Tattoos

15 Graceful Ballerina Tattoos

Ballerina tattoos are celebrating the grace of ballet. To achieve a supreme elegance, ballerinas are working hard with years of training.
Their poise and athletic beauty are admired by many people, both women and men. Aspiring dancers, professionals and enthusiasts are getting dancer tattoos to pay a tribute to the energy, delight and passion of dancing. Either a fan of classic ballet, such as the famous Swan Lake, or to more contemporary types of dance, you could be attracted by these graceful ballerina tattoos... They let bodies make the talking with pointes and elegant steps, because dance is an universal language that all tattoo lovers can understand...
Elegant piece by Yanina Viland.
Great portrait by Tony Evans.
Creative tattoo by Sindy Brito.
Spooky piece by Sam Barber.
Pointe by Ricky.
Swan Lake by Ravi Lassi.
Impressive portrait by Matteo Pasqualin.
Colorful piece by Johny Andres.
Great tattoo by Jari Kajaste.
Cosmic dancer by Jacub Nowicz.
A tattooed ballet dancer by Simone Angarano Photography.
Delicate piece by Graffittoo.
Nice matching tattoos by Bruno Santos.
Poetic piece by Bill Tatuagens.
Linework by Bicem Sinik.
Gorgeous piece by Betty.
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