15 Graceful Fern Tattoos

15 Graceful Fern Tattoos

Do you know that ferns are older than the dinosaurs?
This intricate vegetal is fascinating humans for centuries and fern tattoos are the modern tribute to these ancient spiritualities. Their leaves and seeds have always been associated with magic, giving powers such as invisibility and casting spells of protection. They grow in many places of the world, in deep forests. It is a significant symbol of New Zealand, a protector of the Maoris and thus, widely used in their traditional tattoo art. There are different shapes and types of fern, but they are all very elegant for tattoo designs. You can covet their fresh green spirals or enjoy their silhouette in blackwork. But they all connect you with Nature, its beauty and its spirituality. So, if you are feeling the good vibes of vegetal world, you could be charmed by these graceful fern tattoos...
By Anna Zachariades.
Delicate white ink by Cornelius J. Breadward.
Charming sidepiece by Dwam.
Stomach piece by English Cousins.
Subtle tattoo by Jakub Nowicz.
Tribal leaf by Laura Exley.
Made at Magnum Tattoo Studio.
Cool ombré tattoo by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec...
Gorgeous photo of a tattoo by Mary Tereshchenko...
By Mewo Llama.
Spine vegetal by Olga Nekrasova.
By Roma Severov.
Discreet piece by Sol Art.
By Tim Senecal.
Impressive negative space leg sleeves by Vard! fern tattoos
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