15 Impeccable Sword Tattoos

15 Impeccable Sword Tattoos

Sword tattoos often take on elaborate and exaggerated designs, with highly decorated handles and flawless blades.
A symbol of the warrior a sword is a weapon known throughout the world. They've been used for thousands of years and some of history's greatest nations and empires were built on the back of them. While an implement of death, the sword has also found itself a symbol of virtue, righteousness and justice. In certain cultures swordsmanship is an art form and not just a method of killing.
Though a simple sword tattoo is equally as good, big or small sword tattoos have an elegance other tattoos do not, perhaps it is because of the affiliation with justice and honor a sword has. Some sword tattoos take on a specific cultural theme, for instance a Katana style sword is often tattooed with a Japanese look and feel. Naturally sword tattoos don't have to be realistic, they can be as imaginative and wild as you like, you could even go with a fantasy sword like a lightsaber! If you're after your own sword tattoo be sure to let Tattoodo help with a custom design!
Bold Katana Tattoo by Luis Escobedo
Lightsaber Tattoo by Raymond Wallace
Narsil (Lord of The Rings Sword) by Benjamin Haft
Sword Raven Tattoo by Rodrigo Kalaka
Sword Tattoo
Lord Of The Rings Sword, unknown artist
Realistic Sword Tattoo by Cecil Porter
Delicate Sword Tattoo by Dr Woo
Sword Tattoo
Awesome Sword Tattoo by Marvin Silva
Epic Samurai Sword Tattoos by Erik Jacobsen
Small Sword Tattoo by Rich Cahill
Traditional Sword Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Great Sword Tattoos by Joseph Deegan
Badass Cutlass Tattoos by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec
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