15 Intense Jack Nicholson Tattoos

15 Intense Jack Nicholson Tattoos

Jack Nicholson is a movie legend, no question.
His career has spanned nearly 60 years and he has been nominated for more Academy Awards than any other male actor- he's had 12 nominations, three of which he won. He claimed the best actor award in 1975 for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and again in 1997 for As Good As It Gets, Nicholson also picked up a best supporting actor award in 1983 for Terms of Endearment...it's fair to say Jack Nicholson is one of the the finest actors to have ever graced our screens.
Whether he's playing a starring or supporting role Nicholson almost always steals the show with his incredibly diverse acting ability. From comedic characters to the sensitive romantic, to crazed psychopathic killer and Batman villain we've seen Nicholson play it all and it is such diversity that makes Nicholson a great subject for some intense tattoos!! Maybe no as intense as the man himself Jack Nicholson tattoos are some of the finest movie inspired tattoos out there, whether they are a bright portrait realism piece or a bold traditional style design a Jack Nicholson tattoo is a tattoo we can all enjoy. So have a look over these 15 intense Jack Nicholson tattoos and feel the love for a true Hollywood legend!
Old School Tattoo by Corra Tatuaggi
Artist Unknown
Great Piece by Andre Afferni
Insane Color Realism by Cecil Porter
Tattoo by Krystof
Traditional Work bu Lonis Tattoo
Jack Nicholson Tattoo by Max Pniewski
Tattoo by Merv Heiner
Black and Grey Excellence by Steve Wiebe
Nikko Hurtado Never Fails!!
Awesome Tattoo by Remis Tattoo
Amazing Work by Tattooed Theory
Artist Unknown
Amazing Tattoo by Bob Tyrrell
Unknown Artist
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