15 Matching Tattoos For All The Inked Up Lovers!!

15 Matching Tattoos For All The Inked Up Lovers!!

You're in love and want a tattoo to show it, these awesome matching tattoos are a good start for some inspiration!
When you're in love you feel like nothing can come between you and your significant other, so getting a tattoo together isn't completely out the question, but don't make the mistake of getting each others name. Partners name tattoos are always a gamble, it's kind of tempting fate... If you've been married for 30 years and want each others names then you're probably good to go, but if you've been dating for six months maybe not... Still, if you're in love and want a tattoo to show it why not go for some matching tattoos!!
Matching tattoos are an awesome couples tattoo for two main reasons, 1. you and your partner will each have a personal and meaningful design that when together shows your love and when your apart is just a kickass tattoo. 2. if loves young dream comes to an end you won't have your ex's name scrawled down your neck!! Matching tattoos are a great way to show your love but are also a safer route in case things don't work out. If you're looking for your own matching tattoo idea then take a look at these awesome matching tattoos any couple would love!!
Subtle But Awesome!
Matching Tattoo
His and Hers Cat Tattoos by Amy Trouble
Great Old School Couples Tattoos by Sway Tattooer
Matching Road Tattoos by Austin Maples
Deathly But Cool!
Matching Tattoo, Roll Together 20
Amazing Wolves by Kamil Czapiga
Matching Tattoo, LO-VE, love tattoo
Matching Love Tattoo
Matching Bug Tattoo by Raymond Wallace
unknown artist
Mickey Mini Tattoo by Louis Konstantinou
Matching Tattoo
Matching Love Tattoo, Sure? Sure.
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