15 Merry Squirrel Tattoos

15 Merry Squirrel Tattoos

So many good reasons to get squirrel tattoos. You can get cartoonish and fun designs, or pick the endearing neo-traditional version.
One of the symbols of autumn is indeed the squirrel. This adorable animal often sports a fur colored just like the red leaves. It also gathers food in order to survive to cold winter. Very athletic, it can run and jump with amazing skills. And did we mention already that it is so cute? This cunning animal is a great gap filler and a lovely subject for small pieces. Having a crush for its soft and fiery tail? Then you will melt for these darling squirrel tattoos...
Nice tattoo by Amanda Burks.
New school piece by Audie Fulfer jr.
Fancy thigh piece by Cuba.
Cool photo realism by Derek Turcotte.
Gorgeous work by Ilya Fominykh!
Watercolor piece by Joanne Baker.
Engraving style by Katie So.
Gorgeous piece by Lianne Moule.
Vivid colors by Magdalena Bujak!
Squirrel love by Martyna Popiel.
Creative idea by Moorea Hum.
Superb tattoo by Phong Hà...
Neo traditional piece by Püppi Obermeier.
Crazy "mersquirrel" by Shawn Hebrank!?
Cute piece by Susanne König...
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