15 Nomadic Tipi Tattoos

15 Nomadic Tipi Tattoos

A tipi, (also tepee or teepee) is a conical tent traditionally made from animals skins attached to wooden poles.
Set apart from other conical tents by its smoke flaps at the top of the structure tipis are strongly associated with Native American culture and history. While historically used by the Indigenous people of the Great Plains it is an incorrect view that all Native American tribes used them! Not as prevalent as they once were tipis do still find use in Native American culture through traditional ceremonies, though they are not an essential part of daily life any longer.
The popularity of tipis among the peoples of the plains was largely due to the versatility of the structure. A durable home a tipi would provide warmth in winter but would be cool in the heat of summer. It was also quick and easy to put up and take down, an essential in the nomadic lifestyle of the tribes living on the plains. Historically tipis were plain in design, but Native American peoples such as the Cheyenne, Sioux, Kiowa and Arapaho decorated tipis with pendants and coloured medallions. It was also not uncommon for a tipi to be adorned with the skulls of animals like buffalo. For the most part tipi tattoos are bright, bold and colorful, taking heavy influence from their association with Native American culture and life! Feeling the nomadic lifestyle then you'll dig these tipi tattoos!
Arrowhead Tipi by Henry Hablak
Blackwork Tipi Tattoo by Alex Zampirri
Little Tipi Tattoo by Ben Rorke
Great Piece by Noah Fiel
Bright Tattoo by Sebastian Winter
Classy Tattoo by Stefan Ross
Tipi Tattoo by Adrià de Yzaguirre
Awesome Tattoo by Ashley Love
Brilliant Tattoo by Austin Maples
Arrow Head Tipi Tattoo by Greenpoint Tattoo Company
Tipi Tattoo by Josh Barg
Cool Tipi Tattoo by Kirk Jones
Tipi tattoo
Fantastic Tipi Tattoo by Mina Aoiki
artist unknown
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