15 Religiously Symbolic Tattoos By Niki Norberg

15 Religiously Symbolic Tattoos By Niki Norberg

We're pretty sure these tattoos by Niki Norberg would fit right into a cathedral!
While we're on the topic of religious tattoos, let's check out one of the artists who is definitely no stranger to them. Niki Norberg is a celebrated tattoo artist from Sweden. If the name doesn't ring a bell, go on a quick search and get yourselves blown away. I've been a big fan of his for a couple years and I'd say that there hasn't been a work of Niki that didn't amaze me.

In all his carefully crafted works that are mostly composed of hyperrealistic black and grey tattoos, I noticed how many of his works feature angels, crosses, and other religious symbols that are related to the Christian/Roman Catholic faith.
Amazing artwork by Niki Norberg.
A woman wearing the crown of thorns.
Great back piece
Amazing religious chest piece.
Realism Religious Tattoo by Niki Norberg
A grim depiction of the Virgin Mary.
A back piece that totally slays.
One of the most well-known sleeves by Niki Norberg featured very intriguing pieces such as an angel, a soulful eye, and candles beneath a cloudy sky.
Niki is merciless even in smaller pieces like this.
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