15 Surrealist Magritte Inspired Tattoos

15 Surrealist Magritte Inspired Tattoos

Tattoo collectors who love fine arts also know Surrealism. Though, Dali is very coveted for surrealist ink, we cannot forget René Magritte.
This Belgian Surrealist artist created some iconic paintings that are often inspiring tattoo lovers and tattoo artists. You may want to hang a version of the famous Son of Man, this portrait of a gentleman with an apple, directly on your body. But you can also choose to pay a tribute to the painter and his poetic universe with artistic Magritte inspired tattoos. Things are not always what they seem, and perhaps ceci n'est pas un tatouage... But if you like imagination, art and ink, then you could be interested by our selection of Magritte tattoos...
Magritte's painting Son of Man by Kelsey Moore
A sketch version by Zanotto
Tattoo by Tania Catclaw
Another painting, Man in the Bowler Hat, by Nikko Hurtado.
Invisible man by Max Celli
Also famous, the Masked Apples. Please credit the tattooist.
The Lovers by Kelly Violence
Indeed, the famous pipe! By Jagoda at Gulestus Tattoo.
Nice joke by Ilja Hummel
Graphic art by Guido
Poetic tribute by Gara
Piece by El Maquinista.
A full sleeve by Dago at Nuevo Mundo
Made at Banana Tattoo, Magritte inspired tattoos
Cool apple by Bacanu Bogdan
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