16 Biting Vampire Tattoos

16 Biting Vampire Tattoos

Forget about trendy vampire flicks and their love stories and get back to the badass creatures of the night with these epic vampire tattoos.
Inspired by classics of horror cinema or literature, vampire tattoos has to be dark, scary and sexy... Indeed, for Victorian people, the idea of biting the neck of a woman was their soft porn! Thirsty for blood, vampires are fascinating. Immortal, flying, hypnotizing - they inspires horror ink collectors and tattoo artists for fantastic pieces. Beware! These vampire tattoos could bite you and turn you into one of them... But, it will be so good...
Terrific Lost Boys piece by Aaron Springs...
Amazing piece by Dobi Slavov!
Scary vampire by Igor Igoryoshi.
Vibrant tattoo by James Tex.
Lovely new-school tattoo by Jen Maw.
Cool monster by Jeremy Brown.
Out of this word viral backpiece by Kamil Mocet...
Gorgeous vampire girl and black kitten by Liz Cook.
Well, what big ears you have... Bold tattoo by Neil Braithwaite...
Nice neo traditional piece by Neto Lobo.
Badass hand tattoo by Peter Lagergren!
Cute Russian vampire doll by Sam Whitehead.
Classics: Dracula by Stefano Alcantara.
And Nosferatu by Tyler Allen Kolvenbach.
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