16 Bizarre Glitch Tattoos

16 Bizarre Glitch Tattoos

Glitch art is trending right now in contemporary art.
Famous street artist Banksy has made a glitch sculpture of Disney's Little Mermaid in his own Disneyland. Glitch photographies are invading internet. And indeed, the contemporary side of tattoo art has its own glitch tattoos. Forget about the cute pixel tattoos, these pieces are disturbing. Distorting portraits and other designs, they play with our brain. Their optical illusions are trippy and their look is unique. Glitch tattoos are bold and curious... Would you ink them in your body? Take a look at this sample and tell us!
The most recent and famous use of glitch art is indeed Banksy's Little Mermaid in his Dismaland.
This is how it looks in tattoo: Max Amos is specialized in glitch tattoos.
By Max Amos too.
Glitch Bill Murray, also by Max Amos.
By Max Amos.
Glitch Liberty by Max Amos.
Glitch lion by Amos too.
Space glitch by Cstdvts.
Glitch Hannah Arendt by Kaiyu Huang.
Glitch Devil by Martynas Šnioka.
Glitch Mona Lisa by Oozy.
Another artist familiar with glitch tattoos: Pietro Sedda.
Glitch Marilyn by Sedda.
Religious glitch by Sedda too.
By Pietro Sedda.
And another one by Pietro Sedda.
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