16 High-Class Lace Tattoos

16 High-Class Lace Tattoos

Lace, the intricate fabric used in Haute Couture and lingerie. Adorn your body with high-class lace tattoos!
Yes, it is one of the hottest tattoo trends right now. Lace, the intricate and precious fabric used in Haute Couture and lingerie, is invading bodies and tattoo designs. Used to add a refined touch to another design or covering huge pieces of skin for ornamental purpose, lace tattoos are everywhere. From feet to garters and to neck, this timeless and elegant design is going to drive ink lovers crazy... Obsessed by luxurious lace? Then you will fall for these high-class lace tattoos...
Impressive lacy goldfish by Anali Delaney
Gorgeous tattoo by Delphine Noiztoy and photo by Emilie Carpuat
The lacework of Dodie.
Another fish with lace, this time by Falukorv.
This hip tattoo by Julia Hamilton is jaw-dropping...
Elegant wrist tattoo by Kid Kros.
Stunning leg pieces by Kyrie 'Ice Queen' Jones.
Cool skull, also by Kyrie Jones.
Please credit.
The high-class art of tattoo artist Marco Manzo and designer Francesca Boni.
Great symmetrical tattoos by Miss Voodoo.
Fancy necklace by Nives Fliser.
The surrealistic art of Pietro Sedda.
Great backpiece by Rebecca Zombie Smania.
Refined nape tattoo by Riki-Kay Middleton.
Stunning white lace illusion by Victor Rodriguez... lacy tattoos
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