16 Open-Minded Birdcage Tattoos

16 Open-Minded Birdcage Tattoos

Philosophical symbols are often the visual contradiction of the idea they want to promote. That's why cages are the symbol of freedom.
In tattoo art, this concept is illustrated by birdcage tattoos. These cages are not always teamed with birds. They can lock up other symbolic things, such as anatomical hearts (to tell how love can be a prison) and brains (to criticize narrow-minded persons). When birds are escaping their cages, they symbolize our will of independance, liberty and a better harmony, far away from rules and possession. Birdcage tattoos are always very poetic and they can even be very surrealistic, with designs that seem to come out from dreams and fantasy. If you want to express your open-mindedness and craving for freedom with fancy tattoo designs, then think out of the box with these beautiful birdcage tattoos...
Free your mind with creative tattoos such as this one by Xoil.
Funny skeleton by Vinz Flag. birdcage tattoos
Fancy cage by Tylor Schwarz.
Ribcage chestpiece by Tiny Miss Becca.
Gorgeous piece by Teresa Sharpe!
Lovely watercolor tattoo by Shenna Audenaerd.
Never tame your heart! Tattoo by Mike DeVries.
Poetic tattoo by John Dois.
Pretty piece by Jessica White.
Artistic tattoo by Ivana Belakova.
Lovely tattoo by Dodie.
Fun piece by Caitlin Thomas.
Please credit the artist.
Beautiful composition by Antony Flemming.
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