16 Peaceful Night Tattoos

16 Peaceful Night Tattoos

Night is so powerful. Even if the time of the rest, with sleeping needs, we cannot help staying awake to admire it.
The moon is shining, the sky is covered with stars. Everything is calm, but the animals of the night are invading forests and streets with their secret life. We feel small, impressed by the mysterious space and the strength of Nature. It looks like a dream, and we are never totally sure to be awake. To celebrate this special time, humans are gathering themselves for nice meetings, to admire night. Night tattoos are indeed very dark, but they are always poetic. They capture night time in creative tattoos that sometimes look like ink jewels. Inspired by Nature and by art, they are really relaxing. If you are a nocturnal animal yourself, you will understand the power of these night tattoos...
Creative scene by Ben Doudakis.
Space love also by Ben Doudakis.
Admiring the moon with Can Gurgul.
Fantastic piece by David Côté...
Awesome mood, also by David Côté!
Starry night by Dylan Kwok.
Great tattoo by Iness.
Tribute to Monet's Starry Night by Linnea Pecsenye.
Amazing piece by Lukas ZGlenicki.
By Marcin Aleksander Surowiec.
Night window by Nabila.
Please credit.
Superb piece by Reyhan Beyernirsoy...
Full moon night by Sasha Masiuk.
Charming armband by Tattooist Doy...
Another great one by Tattooist Doy.
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