16 Rockabilly Microphone Tattoos

16 Rockabilly Microphone Tattoos

With their vintage look, microphone tattoos are a symbol of our love for music.
They can be rockabilly, motown and more, but they certainly will always make you want to sing loud! Old microphone tattoos are really popular in traditional tattoo style, but with their shiny metallic glamour, they are also great for realistic designs. They can complete a sleeve devoted to music or be teamed with badass symbols such as Death ones. A musician 'till death? Take a look at these cool old school microphone tattoos and tell us what kind of songs you would sing with them!
By A. D. Pancho.
Burning till death... By Derek Farrow.
Cool music sleeve by Durb Morrison.
Amazing half sleeve by Ellen Westholm.
Nice tattoo by Emily Schmitt.
Badass microphone by Igor Yoshi...
Cool piece by Kid Kros!
Creative one by Manuel Roxs.
Zombie music? By Matt Curzon.
Trad is rad by Myles Vear.
Jaw-dropping start of a music sleeve by Niki Norberg! Can't wait to see it finished!
Charming tattoo by Nina Dinh.
By Pavel Zavoloka.
Death sings by Peter Öberg.
By Pink Tattoolady.
Great design by Takeshiyin.
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