16 Sinister Guillotine Tattoos

16 Sinister Guillotine Tattoos

Lets not beat around the bush, a guillotine is an apparatus designed for the beheading of people!!
Consisting of a tall wooden frame in which a large angled blade is suspended a person would be placed at the bottom of the frame with their neck secured where the blade would fall. When released the blade would drop and the persons head swiftly cut off... at least it would be over quick...
The guillotine is best known for its use in the French Revolution, where supporters of the revolution saw it as an avenger of the people. To opposition of the revolution it was a symbol of fear. During the Reign of Terror, a period of violence in the French Revolution between 5 September 1793 - 28 July 1794 an incredible 16,594 people were executed by the guillotine, 2,639 in Paris!! After the revolution the guillotine was used in France as the standard method of execution until the abolition of capital punishment in 1981. Hamida Djandoubi was the last person to be executed by guillotine in 1977!
... So why would anyone get a guillotine tattoo?? Well they could be a supporter of the French Revolution, or they could simply like the iconic image of this tool of death! You see a guillotine and you know what it is and what it means, guillotine tattoos are a unique piece of ink that makes for a great talking point...if only a little disturbing!!
Black and Grey Guillotine Tattoo, unknown artist
Guillotine Blade Tattoo by Mike Moses
Guillotine Eye Tattoo by Heath Clifford
Floral Guillotine Tattoo by Alice Totemica
Unique Piece by Andrey Svetov
Guillotine tattoo
Guillotine Tattoo by Evan Jones
Guillotine Tattoo by Hammersmith Tattoo
Old School Style by Hexa pdc
Epic Front Piece by Mikael de Poissy
Guillotine Tattoo by Pony Reinhardt
Bold Work by Rafael Tattooer
Guillotine Spider Tattoo by Scott Move
Guillotine Tattoos, artist unknown
Guillotine tattoo
Moth Guillotine Tattoo by Joe Bell
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