16 Stirring Crying Tattoos

16 Stirring Crying Tattoos

Sometimes, even tattoos have the blues... Crying tattoos are there to show our secret sorrows, pains and sad moments.
We want to overcome them with a beautiful piece of art. Many crying tattoos are religious, for they are showing suffering for Jesus Christ, who himself has suffered for us. But the melancholic beauty of tears is also putting water in the eyes of pin-ups, hearts and other cultural icons. With the craze of realistic eye tattoos, tears are of course a great add to show the skills of the tattoo artist. Don't shed tears, these crying tattoos are gorgeous!
Impressive work by Alex Rodolfo...
Beautiful crying Virgin Mary by Antonio Macko Todisco.
Cry me a river... Graphic art by Barbara Kiczek.
Lovely tattoo by Bettie from Nico Tattoo.
Nice crying heart by Christian Lanouette.
Please credit.
Interesting composition by Federica Stefanello.
Another religious tattoo, by Giovanni Speranza.
Tattoos can cry blood tears too. By Sarah Miller.
Gorgeous tattoo by Seunghyun Jo.
Part of a chestpiece by Silvano Fiato.
Crying Frida by Susanne König.
Cool Cry Baby tattoo by Szeszu...
Awesome piece by Valerie Vargas.
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