16 Sturdy Rhino Tattoos

16 Sturdy Rhino Tattoos

With its tough skin, imposing physical presence and fierce looking horn a rhino is animal that may be the perfect animal to get tattooed!!
The rhinoceros or rhino is animal that screams power and strength. A symbol of Africa and Southern Asia the rhino is animal that today faces numerous threats and dangers. Often hunted and killed for their horns three species of rhino have become critically endangered and as of 2011 the Western Black Rhinoceros is now extinct!! If you're interested in learning more about rhinos and protecting this endangered species then checkout the WWF!
Rhino tattoos can be as realistic or traditional as you like. Black and grey or color a rhino tattoo has an impressive look, perhaps it is because of the imposing nature of the animal in real life! Muscular and strong a rhino makes for a bold tattoo! If you want animal design to show your inner strength and determination then a rhino tattoo may just be the tattoo for you! Checkout these 16 sturdy rhino tattoos and be inspired, and if your mind's made up and a rhino is what you want then let Tattoodo help with a custom design!!
Rhino Balloon Tattoo by Joel Madberg
Abstract Rhino Tattoo by Alam Vinicius
Intense Tattoo by Alex De Pase
Traditional Rhino Tattoo by Dane Mancini
Epic Tattoo by Robson Santos
Bold Hand Piece by Gianni Orlandini
Awesome Rhino Tattoo by Jonathan Montalvo
Gorgeous Rhino Tattoo by Sven Groenvald
Beautiful Work by Magdalena Bujak
Great Rhino Tattoo by Maxwell Alves
Kickass Piece by Luke Jinks
Awesome Work by Michele Zingales
Solid Realism by Mike Devries
Rhino Tattoo by Rodrigo Dc
Rhino Tattoos by Sandra Graph-Ink
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