16 Uncanny Zipper Tattoos

16 Uncanny Zipper Tattoos

When we unzip our clothes, we reveal what we truly are, especially when we are tattooed with personal body art.
But if we could unzip our skin, what would be under it? Muscles? Our secret identity? Zipper tattoos are here to hint at our genuine personality, but also to remind us we are made of fragile anatomy. That's why zipper tattoos are often used with humor to cover or frame scars and missing lambs. But if they can belong to dark humor, they also can illustrate our darkest aesthetics, with horror and gore designs. Positive or scary, with the use of 3D and graphic effects, they can be very troubling... They are not for the faint of heart, but if you're bold enough, you will enjoy these uncanny zipper tattoos...
Jaw-dropping piece by Al Garcia...
Unzipping evil face by Domantas Parvainis.
A pin-up is hiding underneath... By Josh Reynolds.
Large zipper by Kevin Lewis.
Foot tattoo by Kyle Borchgardt.
Gore tattoo by Luka Lajoie.
Freaky one by Maurycy Szymczak.
Human suit on a mermaid? By Maximo Lutz.
By Michael Slone.
Taking scars with humor: tattoo by Millan.
By Muecke.
Cool skull by Ruth Batista.
Nice filler by Troy Slack.
Anatomy by Yomico Moreno.
Please credit.
Please credit.
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