17 Touching Autism Inspired Tattoos

17 Touching Autism Inspired Tattoos

Autism awareness tattoos take inspiration from the brightly colored and puzzled ribbon used as symbol of autism awareness generally.
Autism is neurodevelopmental disorder that sees someone with autism struggle with impaired social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication as well as restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism is usually noticed within the first two years of a child's life with the signs developing gradually. It is estimated that globally autism affects 21.7 million people. Since the 1980s cases of autism have increased greatly, although this largely due to more awareness of the disorder. There are cases of people with autism overcoming or recovering from the disorder but these are incredibly rare. At present autism has no known cure and affects a person for life.
With the increased awareness of autism an autistic culture has developed with some pushing for a cure and others arguing for people with autism to be accepted as different and not treated as a disorder. Autism awareness now has a designated day on April 2nd, but some choose to show their support of autism everyday with an autism inspired tattoo. Autism tattoos also take the shape of a single puzzle piece, inspired by the idea that like a puzzle autism is to be solved. Whether they are for a loved one or a close friend autism inspired tattoos are a touching and beautiful tattoo that uses the deeply personal nature of a tattoo to show love and support of a disorder that affects many.
Autism Bulb Tattoo
Watercolor tattoo
'Define Normal'
Awesome artwork
An Autism Education Inspired Piece!
Autism Heart Tattoo by Monte Livingston
Lightbulb mixed with a puzzle
Puzzle tattoo
Autism inspired heart tattoo
Autism inspired
Autism Inspired Tattoos
Puzzle tattoo
Autism inspired
Different Not Less
Autism inspired
Irish Claddagh Autism Tattoo
Beautiful autism inspired tattoo
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