18 Animated Super Mario Tattoos

18 Animated Super Mario Tattoos

The Super Mario franchise is one of the most successful and popular in gaming history.
The Mario games are in fact the best selling gaming franchise of all time, selling an incredible 210 million units!! Few have had the impact of this mustached little plumber and his trusty hammer. With his equally popular associates like Princess Peach, Luigi and Yoshi, Mario has sealed himself in the hearts of many.
Perhaps one of the most iconic video game characters ever Mario has appeared in over 200 different video games since he debuted as 'Jumpman' in the arcade game Donkey Kong on July 9, 1981. With his bushy mustache, blue overalls and red hat Mario has brought joy to millions, with a little help from his younger brother Luigi. Of course he is no longer merely the subject of video games, he's been in books, comics, movies and even tattoos! Super Mario tattoos are the brightest and best video game tattoos out there and will have you feeling like a kid again!! So sit back and get ready to relive your childhood with these 18 animated Super Mario tattoos!!
Princess Peach Tattoo by Dreezkiller
Super Mario Tattoo by Blacksheep Ink
Awesome Piece by Darwin Enriquez
Badass Wario Tattoo by Rodney Eck
Inspired Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues
Mario Tattoo by Jamie Lee Parker
Awesome Yoshi Tattoo by Mike DeMasi
Brilliant Tattoo by Mike DeVries
Tattooed Princess Peach, unknown artist
Super Mario Tattoo By Nick Pisani
Super Mario Tattoos by Rebellion Tattoo
Bold Work by Spilled Ink Tattoo
Awesome Tattoo by Javi Wolf
Super Mario Tattoo, artist unknown
unknown artist
Great Yoshi Tattoo by Mike DeVries
Cute Princess Peach and Mario Tattoo by Brandon David
Mario Kart Tattoo, artist unknown
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