18 Blade Runner Tattoos For The Fans Of Science-Fiction

What's Humanity? Could it be true question behind cult movie Blade Runner?
This science-fiction masterpiece, inspired by a novel of Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, was an international success. Many fans indeed get Blade Runner tattoos. The retro and fascinating beauty of actress Sean Young, who played the replicant Rachael, is indeed the most popular reference for tattoo designs. The troubling Roy Balty is also often inked, and the Blade Runner and hero, Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is far behind.
The movie is questionning reality and emotions. What is defining humanity and our feelings? Blade Runner is full of poetic details, such as origami unicorns and robot owls, that are also inspiring tattooed fans. Would you like to test your movies knowledge and humanity? Check these superb Blade Runner tattoos...
Portrait of Roy Balty by Alex de Pase.
The character of Rachael, played by the gorgeous Sean Young, is the most coveted for Blade Runner tattoos. Here by Annie Frenzel.
Great piece by Beau Guenin
Made at Black Widow Tattoo
Tattoo by Brian Hemming
Owl and quote made at Carneval Tattoo
Tattoo by Chad Jacob
Very lifelike tattoo by David Corden
Rick Deckard tattoo by David Côté
Lovely portrait by Ezequiel Samuraii
Tattoo by Ian Parkin
Tattoo by Jay Freestyle
Work in progress by Lungburger
Gorgeous quote from the movie inked by Marc Cano. Photo by Tristan Crane.
Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Tattoo by Mike Moses
Tattoo by Rich Pineda
Owl tattoo by Valentin Hirsch