18 Captivating Pirate Girl Tattoos

18 Captivating Pirate Girl Tattoos

It's fair to say the world of pirating is a pretty male dominated place, but some of histories most famous pirates were women.
Two of the most famous female pirates being Anne Bonny and Mary Read, whose lives both make for some interesting reading and perhaps it is them who inspire these captivating pirate girl tattoos!! For the most part pirate themed tattoos involve the traditional skull and crossbones and impressive ships but pirate girl tattoos are a beautiful alternative. Done in a traditional pin-up style pirate girl tattoos can be as simple or creative as you want, throw in an eye patch and a parrot and you've got yourself one hell of a tattoo!!
Great for both men and women pirate girl tattoos are an edgy take on classic pin-up girls and give tattoos of women that hint of adventure and lure of the open seas. If Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow are your thing then you'll love these 18 pirate girl tattoos! Bold, creative and gorgeous they are everything a pirate tattoo should be!
Incredible Backpiece by El Bara
artist unknown
Awesome Hand Tattoo by Alix Ge
Pirate Girl Tattoo by Gianni Orlandini
Old School Work by Joel Janiszyn
Brilliant Tattoo by Marija Ripley
Pirate Girl Tattoo by Marina Inoue
Classic Style by Mauro Quaresima
Stunning Tattoo by Rich Pineda
Pirate Girl Tattoo by Sam Clark
Traditional Pirate Girl Tattoo by Tattoo Tai
unknown artist
artist unknown
Pirate Lady Tattoo by State of Art Tattoo
Great Tattoo by Alessandro Lemme
Pirate Woman Tattoo by Hakan Havermark
Fantastic Tattoo by Lars Uwe
Pirate Women Tattoo by Dirty Roses
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