18 Fabulous Orchid Tattoos

18 Fabulous Orchid Tattoos

Orchid tattoos are as fascinating as the real orchids. These elegant and fancy flowers are really popular around the world.
They are known for their minimalistic composition yet their colorful and luxurious shape. Some orchids are looking like butterflies or even birds with various colors, but the most common and popular type of orchids is the pink moth orchid. Its shape is also sometimes connecting it with female genitalia. For this reason, it is sometimes seen as a symbol of womanhood and seduction. Orchid tattoos are mostly coveted for their beauty, from poetic graphic designs to bold huge realistic flowers. Do you wish to ornate your body with this majestic flower? Then, you could be inspired by these fabulous orchid tattoos...
Abstract flowers by Britta Christiansen.
Cool Anchor by Cal Tattoo.
Refined piece by Dmitriy Samohin.
Stunning details by Eugene Knysh...
Also rocks in black and grey, by Jason Kim.
Nice compass by Jethro Wood.
Heart-warming quote by Julia Dumps...
Great tattoo by Julie Lecuyer.
Work in progress on this 3D orchid tattoo by Lippo...
Gorgeous half sleeve by Mihail Storochenko...
Feminity celebrated by Mike.
Cute hummingbird by Nadelwerk.
Please credit the artist.
Stunning half sleeve by Pepa!
Detail by Phil Garcia.
Nice composition by Ricardo Garcia.
Trendy work by Sasha Unisex.
Nice one by Stefano Cataldo.
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