18 Foreseeing Fortune Teller Tattoos

In tattooing fortune tellers share similar characteristics to traditional gypsy tattoos and these tattoos make a mysterious piece of ink.
Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting what is going to happen to someone in their life. While anyone could technically make a prediction of a person's path fortune tellers do so with impressive accuracy and spend their life doing so over and over again. With the presumed ability to foresee the future fortune tellers have a mysterious aura and presence. Often depicted as a somewhat dark and menacing figure the culture shaped image of a fortune teller is somewhat misconstrued. Although fortune telling is a traditional practice it has faced much opposition from religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Whether they depict a man or a woman fortune teller tattoos usually stick to a bold old school style and say a lot with a little. Frequently accompanied by a crystal ball fortune teller tattoos are as intriguing as an actual fortune teller. If you love the mysterious and unknown then you'll enjoy these 18 fortune teller tattoos, they can't tell you who you'll marry but they can make some badass body art!!