18 Homely House Tattoos

18 Homely House Tattoos

For many people their home is their house, it can be the building they grew up in or the building they are living in now.
Houses come in all shapes and sizes and are influenced by the surrounded culture and society. The meaning of a "house" can greatly differ in the mindset of people. It does not really matter whether the house is a simple mud hut or a large stone mansion, they all serve the same purpose. Today, most associate the image of a house with a western style house which generally is a two/three story building with bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen.
Houses are not just built to serve as permanent dwellings, on contrary, the buildings we call our homes can symbolize much more. Houses bring forward the characteristics of those who build them and also the current residents. For example, a large house is often seen as a symbol of wealth and power. Regardless of the size and shape, a house is a home. So, if you're after a tattoo to show the love for where you come from or where you grew up, then a house tattoo is a good choice! Get inspiration from these homely house tattoos and feel the love for some bricks and mortar.
Abstract Tattoo by Peter Aurisch
Balloon House Tattoo by Sam Fredericks
Creative Bear House Tattoo by David Hale
Great Tattoo by Amy Savage
Snow Globe House Tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo
Home Tattoo by Brad Ward
Cute Cottage Tattoo by Erik Jacobsen
Tudor House Tattoo by Guen Douglas
Cool Tattoo by James McKenna
Heart Home Tattoo by Jenn Small
Traditional House Tattoo by Kyle Crowell
Bold Home Tattoo by Lucy O'Connell
Creative Work by Marco Schmidgunst
Home Tattoo by Matt Adamson
Awesome Tattoo by Rich Wells
Another Great Tattoo by Erik Jacobsen
Brilliant Tattoo by Guen Douglas
Unknown artist
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