19 Fantastic Colored Portrait Tattoos By Evan Olin

19 Fantastic Colored Portrait Tattoos By Evan Olin

Tattoos by Evan Olin are usually colored portraits of cinematic characters or custom creative portrait ideas for clients.
The saturation of his color on tattoos combined with marvelous use of shadow and highlight makes his tattoo work look amazingly real.
Dracula by Evan Olin
Cosmic Consciousness tattoo by Evan Olin
Frankenstein Tattoo by Evan Olin
The Joker (Heath Ledger) by Evan Olin
Gandalf by Evan Olin
Dexter the killer by Evan Olin
Davy Jones by Evan Olin
The Butcher by Evan Olin
Tattoo by Evan Olin
Mr. Smith By Evan Olin
Avatar Tattoo by Evan Olin
Marilyn Manson by Evan Olin
The Grinch by Evan Olin
Dr. Hannibal Lectre by Evan Olin
Captain America by Evan Olin
Cesar by Evan Olin
Hell Boy by Evan Olin
I hope you enjoyed looking at these works by Evan Olin. He truly is one hell of a tattooer especially when it comes to this genre of tattooing. Check out more of his work on Instagram, give him a follow @evanolintattoo also checkout their shop, Powerline Tattoo powerlinetattoo.com
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