20 Eerie Coffin Tattoos

20 Eerie Coffin Tattoos

What is more potent as a symbol of death than a coffin.
For centuries rich and poor men alike have been buried in coffins, some simple, others rather ornate but the foundations very much the same, a box containing a dead body. Admittedly the subject of coffins is rather a grim one!! They don't exactly scream joy and happiness, but as we all know people love dark and eerie tattoos and to this end coffins make a good choice of ink!
Coffin tattoos can be as bright and bold or realistic and subtle as you like, but either way they make an oddly nice tattoo. Different to other death themed tattoos coffins touch upon the reality of death a little more than say a grim reaper tattoo would! Whether you're a lover of dark and creepy tattoos, or bold little designs with a hint of macabre mystery coffin tattoos could be the tattoo for you...If you're still not sold on them here are 20 coffin tattoos to change your mind, yeah they may be a little creepy but they're pretty cool as well!!
Black Rose Coffin Design by Alex Boyko
Inspired Coffin Candle Tattoo by Johan Ankarfyr
Awesome Coffin Eye Tattoo by Matt Houston
Brilliant Coffin Flower Tattoo by Sam Ricketts
Blackwork Coffin Tattoo, unknown artist
Coffin Rose Tattoo by Wade Johnston
Creative Coffin Skull Tattoo by El Bara
Great Coffin Tattoo by Dane Mancini
Cool Piece by Dean Denney
Coffin Tattoo by Derek Billingsley
Kickass Work by Florian Santus
Creepy Tattoo by Heath Nock
Dark Coffin Tattoo by Ivan Antonyshev
Fantastic Coffin Tattoo by Jimmy Duvall
Old School Coffin Tattoo by Lewis Mckechnie
Life and Death Coffin Tattoo by Luca Font
Skeletal Coffin Tattoo by Nick Colin Corbett
Badass Tattoo by Joe Ellis
UFO Coffin Tattoo by Joel Janiszyn
Vampire Coffin Tattoo by Luke Jinks
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